25. Springfield Park’s Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

A rare look inside one of Springfield Park’s most iconic buildings: The Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

24. 10 long time Arab American businesses in Jacksonville

Arab Americans have played a major part in Jacksonville history and culture since the 1890s. In honor of National Arab American Heritage Month, here are ten local Arab American businesses that have been around for 20 years or more.

23. A rare look inside Historic Old Stanton School

A rare look inside one of Florida’s most overlooked historically significant buildings: Historic Stanton.

22. 10 Black Jacksonville stories you probably don’t know

In honor of Black History Month, here are ten fascinating Black history stories from the First Coast that you probably didn’t know.

21. The Seven Historic Districts of Jacksonville

Founded in 1822, Jacksonville is home to 107 properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Of this number, seven neighborhoods and sites are officially recognized as National Register historic districts. The most recent addition, the campus of Edward Waters University, was listed on the National Register on August 8, 2022. Here is a look into the history of all seven National Register historic districts within Jacksonville’s urban core.

20. A brief history of Orange Park

Despite being known for having some of Florida’s longest commutes due to massive gridlock on its two main thoroughfares, the actual Town of Orange Park is much smaller and quaint than most may imagine. For anyone looking to get a feel of authentic Orange Park, a stroll down River Road is a great place to start.

19. Seven major projects seeking DDRB review and approval

The Downtown Development Review Board’s (DDRB) May 12, 2022 meeting was a busy one. Here are seven major downtown developments that were seeking conceptual or final DDRB approval.

18. Lost Jacksonville: The urban core in 1928

Sights and scenes of Jacksonville’s neighborhoods in 1928 and 1929 by George W. Simons Jr.

17. 5 Gullah Geechee dishes to try in Jacksonville

Many of Jacksonville’s favorite dishes come from the culinary heritage of the Gullah Geechee people. From shrimp and grits to Gullah gumbo, here are five common Gullah Geechee meals you can find readily in Jacksonville.

16. Six Jacksonville day trips

There’s a lot to do in the Jacksonville area, and even more within a short drive. With summer winding down, here’s a look at six places with authentic charm that make for great day trips from Jacksonville.

15. Twelve free things to do in Jacksonville

If you live in Jacksonville, then you already know: there’s always something to do here. But going out with friends or planning a day with the family doesn’t have to be expensive. Here is a list of twelve fun activities and popular attractions in Duval County—all free of charge.

14. Modern zoning laws make your Christmas Village illegal

You may think your miniature Christmas Village is a quaint tribute to the building traditions of yesteryear. However, its walkable, mixed-use, architecturally diverse layout is a flagrant violation of modern zoning laws and an affront to the single-family development ascendancy.

13. Northern St. Johns County: Beachwalk

The Jaxson takes a drive through a new suburban development featuring a 14-acre artificial lagoon and beach: Beachwalk

12. The Civil War Photography of St. Augustine

Local writer Andrew Nicholas shares a look at pictures taken of St. Augustine by Union photographer Samuel Abbot Cooley during the Civil War.

11. Neighborhoods: Seven Pines

Seven Pines is a master-planned community being developed on 1,060 acres located at the southeast quadrant of Butler Boulevard and Interstate 295. Once completed, the project being developed by ICI Homes and David Weekley Homes will contain 1,600 residential units, a 34-acre park and more than one million square feet of commercial and retail space. Being built on former Skinner family land, the development is named in honor of the seven Skinner brothers and the pine trees associated with the family’s history.

10. A tour of Jacksonville’s Southern rock graves

Jacksonville, the epicenter of Southern rock, is also the final resting place of many who defined the genre. Photographer Chris Soldt takes a tour of Jacksonville’s Southern rock graves.

9. Six Gullah Geechee neighborhoods in Jacksonville

In honor of Black History Month, here a six historic Gullah Geechee communities in Jacksonville.

8. A blast from the past: 1970s Jacksonville Beach

A look at Jacksonville Beach during the 1970s.

7. Jacksonville’s Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant

In danger of demolition to pave way for a ship repair project, here is a comprehensive story of the rise and fall of Jacksonville’s historic Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant.

6. Jaxlore: Alpha Paynter, Ghost of TacoLu

Jaxlore is a column by Bill Delaney on the folklore, urban legends and local traditions of Jacksonville and the First Coast. This edition looks at the history and folklore behind one of Northeast Florida’s best known haunted buildings. Before it was TacoLu, the iconic log cabin off Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville Beach was the famed Homestead restaurant, and according to widespread local tradition, its founder Alpha Paynter never left even in death.

5. The last days of Adventure Landing

For 27 years, Jacksonville Beach’s Adventure Landing has been one of the most popular attractions for kids and their families anywhere on the First Coast, but current plans for the property will shutter the park in the near future. The Jaxson’s Bill Delaney and photographer Erik Hamilton stopped by to take one last look.

4. Jacksonville’s 6 most distinctive foods

From neighborhood joints to gourmet cuisine to home-cooked specialties, Jacksonville has no shortage of great food. Here’s a look at six of the most distinctive foods to come out of the First Coast.

3. Jacksonville’s oldest operating barbecue joints

The South is known for great barbecue and Jacksonville’s restaurants are no exception. In honor of National Barbecue Month, here are a few Jacksonville BBQ joints that have been serving up the cuisine for several decades and counting.

2. Secret Jacksonville: Exchange Club Island

Though it hasn’t always been accessible or maintained, Exchange Club Island is an official city park and one of Jacksonville’s most unique urban spaces. Here’s a dive into the colorful history of the accidental island beneath the Mathews Bridge.

1. Lost history: Saving what’s left of Sugar Hill

In honor of Black History Month, here’s a look at rare images and the story of Jacksonville’s Sugar Hill neighborhood. Prior to largely being destroyed by desegregation, highway construction, medical center expansion, and urban renewal, Sugar Hill was the epicenter of black prosperity in Northeast Florida.

Article by Bill Delaney. Contact Bill at wdelaney@moderncities.com.

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