In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the actual tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamun. Known as King Tut, Tutankhamun was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who took the throne at the age of eight or nine. That discovery would have lead to period of Egyptian Revival style buildings being designed in throughout the country.

This would include the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, designed by architects Hyman Witcover of Savannah and Roy A. Benjamin of Jacksonville. Developed as a temple for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, it was completed in May 1926 at the cost of $300,000.

Home to a 700-seat, Egyptian-themed main auditorium, the historic building overlooking Hogans Creek, was designated a 1960s Cold War era fall-out shelter. Now, 98 years of age, the facility’s auditorium, commercial kitchen, dining hall and banquet rooms are being positioned as event space for the Jacksonville community. Here is a digital tour of the interior of an iconic historic Jacksonville space.

Front Lobby