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Examples of Jewish heritage sites in Jacksonville

May is recognized as Jewish American Heritage Month. Jacksonville has a long Jewish history, with a Jewish community dating as far back as the mid-19th century. Paying tribute to the generations of individuals and families who helped shape the city's history, culture and society, The Jaxson highlights a few historic sites and businesses directly related to the contributions of the city's Jewish community. Read More

Inside the Brumos Collection

Modeled after the demolished Jacksonville Ford Assembly Plant, the Brumos Collection is a 35,000 square foot museum dedicated to the technology, innovation and historical significance behind some of the world's finest automobiles. Read More

Park Street road diet project underway

Construction is now underway on a road diet and streetscape of Park Street in Brooklyn. Anticipated to be completed in Summer 2025, here are a few construction photographs and a look at the future plans for Park Street between Forest Street and the Lee Street viaduct. Read More

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