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Neighborhoods: Kinnard

How well are you familiar with Northwest Jacksonville and the 32209 zip code? Kinnard is a neighborhood with a unique story that the average Jaxson may not have ever heard of that will challenge negative stereotypes associated with this area of town. Read More

A tribute to Hank Aaron and Ben Geraghty

This guest editorial Michael Geraghty, grandnephew of legendary Jacksonville baseball manager Ben Geraghty, honors his great uncle's relationship with the 'home run king' Hank Aaron and their historic roles in breaking Jacksonville's baseball color line with the 1953 Jacksonville Braves. Read More

Photos: Inside RD International Market

A sneak peak inside the new RD International Market at 7534 Beach Boulevard. When fully completed, the Asian and international market will include a food-court with 13 to 14 operators, a bakery, hot food bar, groceries, fresh produce and a large live seafood market. Read More

Neighborhoods: Barnett's Subdivision

Barnett's Subdivision is a small neighborhood within the larger Durkeeville community that has a very rich history. In honor of National Black History Month, here are five facts about Barnett's Subdivision that most Jaxsons may not know. Read More

Friendship Fountain accessible and flowing again

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, Downtown Jacksonville's Friendship Fountain will officially re-open after being closed years. Beginning at 6:00 p.m., various city officials will speak, including Mayor Deegan. The event will include a launch of the long anticipated fountain show. Here's more information concerning the event and recent photographs of Friendship Fountain. Read More

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