Five plantation houses in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city where history is often hidden in plain sight. Much of its Gullah Geechee history predates the city itself. Here are five plantation-era structures still standing in Jacksonville's various neighborhoods and parks. Read More

Yellow Jax: The 1888 Jacksonville Yellow Fever Epidemic

In summer 1888, an invisible killer stalked the streets of Jacksonville. “Yellow Jack” took hundreds of lives, forced the city into lockdown, and toppled a progressive, biracial city government. The ordeal also proved how much Jaxsons can overcome when they work together. This is the story of Jacksonville's great yellow fever epidemic of 1888. Read More

10 African American Women Trailblazers in Jacksonville

As a part of Women’s History Month we celebrate women from Jacksonville Florida who have made history. The 10 African American women highlighted in this article are Jacksonville natives, residents or accomplished high achievement within the city. They exemplify resilience, determination and changed history from the profession of academia to politics. Read More

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