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Withintrification: The Deuces

Modern Cities and The Jaxson take a look at a pedestrian friendly historic African American neighborhood commercial district featuring a cluster of locally owned businesses: The Deuces. Read More

Camp Finegan: The Civil War camp of Rolling Hills

At the corner of Hammond Boulevard and Cahoon Road is a memorial dedicated to a Civil War site succumbed to urban sprawl. A statue depicts a Confederate soldier while an attached plaque describes Camp Finegan, an encampment located in this area during the war. Local historian Andrew R. Nicholas tells the story of Camp Finegan and its namesake, General Joseph Finegan. Read More

The Railroads of Jacksonville

Known as the Gateway City and America's Logistics Center, Jacksonville has served as the railroad epicenter of Florida since the late 19th century. Today, Jacksonville and Northeast Florida continue to be served by several freight railroad companies. Here are six railroad companies currently serving the region. Read More

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