A Walk Through Orlando's Lake Eola Park

Every great city is home to a great park. For the City of Orlando, that great space is known as Lake Eola Park. Today, Modern Cities takes a virtual walk through one of Central Florida's most vibrant urban public spaces. Read More

Florida's Santa Fe River From 400 Feet

Fed by dozens of springs and running through several public parks and privately owned campgrounds, the Santa Fe River and its watershed make up one of Florida's greatest natural attractions. Photographer Erik Hamilton offers a look at this beautiful destination from a drone's eye view. Read More

5 Things To Learn From Uptown Charlotte

Once a poster child for the negative impact of urban renewal, Uptown Charlotte is now a revitalization example for other Sunbelt cities to follow. With that in mind, here are four simple and easy to understand aspects of Charlotte's story that are applicable to any major city. Read More

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