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The Jaxson asks JTA 12 questions about the U2C

Billed as a project that will take Jacksonville and downtown to the next level, the conversion of the Skyway into a one-of-a-kind autonomous transit system called the Ultimate Urban Circulator has become the talk of the town. Either people love it or they hate it. Recently, Ennis Davis of The Jaxson met with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority to learn more about the agency's plans for the project and why it desires 40% of the gas tax increase proposed by Mayor Curry to fund the project. Read More

Gas tax should include Emerald Trail & Downtown Amtrak

The gas tax increase proposed by Mayor Lenny Curry and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority would be Jacksonville's largest injection of funding for infrastructure in years. Unfortunately, by committing 40% of the funding to JTA's Skyway plans, two major, potentially transformative projects are largely left out: the Emerald Trail and the return of Amtrak to Downtown. Read More

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