Jacksonville: Then and Now

An interesting comparison of 1943 and modern day aerials illustrating the impact of expressways penetrating through various Jacksonville neighborhoods and districts. Read More

Steve Williams Calls For 'Mapping Jax' Project

In a newly released video, Jacksonville entrepreneur and urban advocate Steve Williams teased 'Mapping Jax,' an initiative to bring Jacksonville citizens together to advocate for smart development - and an end to the demolition of significant buildings. Read More

Springfield Historic District: Then and Now

Dating back to 1869, the Springfield Historic District is home to some of Northeast Florida's best examples of 19th and early 20th century architecture. However by 1968, the neighborhood was in the midst of decline as cities all across the country suffered from a mass exodus of residents to new automobile oriented suburbs. That year, students from the University of Florida documented many structures throughout the historic neighborhood. Now, five decades later and in the midst of revitalization, The Jaxson shares a before and after look of the historic neighborhood. Read More

10 Attractions Downtown Jacksonville Should Have

Downtown Jacksonville is loaded with potential, and there are plenty of opportunities for new attractions that make the most of our unique culture and history. From fresh seafood markets to a Southern rock museum, here are 10 ideas for attractions that could and should open in Downtown Jax. Read More

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