Mixed-Use Infill Proposed For Cathedral District

One of the Cathedral District's last complete rows of dense housing developed after the Great Fire of 1901 could be going away soon. Replacing it would be a mixed-use infill project called 527 Duval Street, featuring 45 multi-family units and 27,000 square feet of art gallery space, art studios and classrooms. Read More

Florida's Forgotten Original Regional Breweries

A 'regional brewery' is one that distributes to particular regions on a smaller basis than the nationwide breweries many of us are familiar with today. Though the Florida Beer Company and Cigar City Brewing are the only regional breweries in Florida today, many formerly operated across the Sunshine State. Read More

Juneteenth And The Transatlantic Slave Trade

While 45 of 50 states recognize Juneteenth as either a state holiday, ceremonial holiday, or day of observance, many things we take for granted today such as the coffeehouse, tea rooms and the international city of London are examples of things that once flourished off the backs of enslaved labor through the transatlantic slave trade. Read More

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