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Stories from Jacksonville's LGBTQ history

From Timucua two-spirits in the 16th century to bisexual blues musicians to the continued celebration of River City Pride, Jacksonville has a long and storied LGBTQ history. In honor of Pride Month, The Jaxson takes a look at four stories from the city's past with special significance for the LGBTQ community. Read More

A walk inside the Masonic Temple

Located at 410 Broad Street, the Masonic Temple (also known as Masonic Temple, Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge PHA) was constructed by the Grand Lodge between 1912 and 1916. It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on September 22, 1980. Read More

Resolving the Downtown self-storage wars

Developers want to lift a ban on self-storage facilities in Downtown Jacksonville, but building such facilities haphazardly across the city center could stifle key streets and create more dead space in an area already plagued by it. City leaders should maintain the ban – and create a true master plan to give Jacksonville the vibrant Downtown it deserves. Read More

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