Seven Pines Neighborhood Tour

Seven Pines is a new mixed-use development currently under construction near Interstate 295 East Beltway and Butler Boulevard.

Driving south on Kernan Boulevard, just south of Butler Boulevard.

The intersection of Kernan Boulevard and Stillwood Pines Boulevard.

When complete, Stillwood Pines Boulevard will serve as a direct connection between Baymeadows Road East and Kernan Boulevard.

A future commercial development site entrance from Kernan Boulevard.

The first phase of Seven Pines features extensive landscaping in the median of Stillwood Pines Boulevard.

Bicycle lanes and shared use paths are a part of the Stillwood Pines Boulevard streetscape.

A small park has been incorporated into the median of Stillwood Pines Boulevard as a part of the developmentā€™s first phase.

When complete, Legacy Park will serve as a larger, linear centralized public space in the heart of Seven Pines.

Two residences currently under construction on 50-foot wide lots on Piney Flats Road.