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Major revamp eyed for Wendy's Restaurant in Five Points

Wendy's plans to demolish their aging restaurant at 2006 Park Street. Once it's gone, a modern building featuring outdoor dining, lounge chairs, Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs and digital menuboards will rise in its place. Is it enough of an improvement to make Five Points a better pedestrian scale environment or should the design team head back to the drawing board? Read More

The lost impact of streetcar lines on San Marco

Before there was a San Marco, there was a streetcar providing thirteen minute headways from Hendricks Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard to downtown Jacksonville. Here's a look at the forgotten piece of public infrastructure that stimulated the physical development pattern of a neighborhood that remains one of the city's most popular nine decades later. Read More

Reimagining Downtown's Forgotten Spaces

Downtown revitalization doesn't have to be difficult. Adding life, excitement and economic opportunity isn't about spending tons of money or subsidizing companies to relocate. In many cases it's as simple as taking advantage of what you already have. Read More

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