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Neighborhoods: Riverview

The Jaxson shares the history of an early 20th century Northside development that was originally intended to become Jacksonville's most valuable and desirable suburb: Riverview Read More

Jax's Longest Operating BBQ Joints

The South is known for great barbecue and Jacksonville's restaurants are no exception. Here are 7 Jacksonville BBQ joints that have been serving up the cuisine longer than the average person may expect. Read More

Memphis' Beale Street: An Example for LaVilla?

Known for blues and barbecue. and home to popular attractions such as the Orpheum Theater and W.C. Handy House Museum, Beale Street has become one of the most famous urban entertainment streets in the country. Visiting today, it may be hard to believe that it was once as destitute as LaVilla currently is. Read More

New Plans for Brooklyn Place Retail Center Emerge

The Ferber Company, Inc. intends to develop a 12,500 square-foot space for retailers and restaurants at the southwest corner of Leila Street and Riverside Avenue in Brooklyn. Here's a look at the project's updated final submittal to the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) for approval. The project is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2019. Read More

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