1951 Sanborn map illustrating a developed and undeveloped (but platted) section of Pearl Court.

This building was originally constructed for the Snyder Memorial Church in 1959.

The neighborhood’s large collection of unique brick residential structures make it an urban Florida anomaly.

Initially anchored by A&P, Pearl Plaza opened at the intersection of West 44th Street and Pearl Street in 1955.

The S-Line Urban Greenway was originally an Atlantic Coast Line railroad line that formed the west border of Pearl Court.

The Jacksonville Housing Authority opened this senior citizens twin tower housing complex in 1970 on West 44th Street.

New multifamily housing

Seven Seas Crab House

This Harvey’s anchored shopping center at 48th and Main Streets is where J.M. Field’s discount department store was initially located.

The intersection of West 48th and Pearl streets.

Looking south down Pearl Street.

In 1937, a buyer could purchase a two bedroom brick veneer house for the price of $3,995.