30. First Baptist’s Sunday school building is worth saving

In early 2020, First Baptist Church applied to demolish the historic Sunday school building on its property. Landmark designation could save the 1927-built structure, and it easily passes the criteria. Though the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission didn’t spare it from the wrecking ball, the historic structure was ultimately saved when the church’s financial struggles caused them to drop their demolition plans.

29. Pine Forest: A Southside Gullah Geechee Community

Surrounded by modern sprawl-based development, the Gullah Geechee community of Pine Forest is one of Jacksonville’s oldest black neighborhoods.

28. Six haunted places in Jacksonville

If you’re the type of person who believes in ghost, ghouls, and goblins, few sites in town you might want to avoid in this pre-Halloween article from The Jaxson.

27. Post Modern Brewing coming to Riverside

In this Jaxson exclusive, we look at Jacksonville’s next craft brewery, planned for a historic former gas station on the border of Riverside and Murray Hill.

26. First Baptist Church’s historic demolition derby

In 2020, First Baptist Church pushed to demolish the Sunday School building and with it another piece of Downtown Jacksonville’s dwindling historic building fabric. The Jaxson takes a look at what the church has already destroyed over the years.

25. A tour of historic Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Jacksonville that’s still in operation, and one of the city’s great historic spaces. Join The Jaxson for a look at the cemetery’s history and the graves of those buried there.

24. Curry is either JEA sale mastermind, or a sea cucumber

Mayor Lenny Curry is trying to distance himself from the JEA sale fiasco, but what does the evidence say about his involvement? Close analysis reveals only two possibilities: either Curry is indeed the mastermind behind the sale of the public utility, or he is in reality a brainless echinoderm, perhaps of the species Holothuria floridana, witlessly squirming his way through the business of being Mayor of Jacksonville.

23. A Look at Jacksonville’s Arab American Community

In honor of Arab American Heritage Month in April, The Jaxson’s Bill Delaney highlights the history and impact of Jacksonville’s Syrian and Arab community. The River City boasts the country’s fifth-largest Syrian population, and the tenth largest overall Arab American community. From politics to business to the culinary arts, Arabs have been making their mark in all areas of life in Jacksonville for over 130 years.

22. Neighborhoods: Old Ortega Historic District

A virtual tour of a historic Jacksonville neighborhood added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004: Old Ortega Historic District.

21. U.S. metropolitan area 2019 population estimates

A look at where the country’s largest metropolitan statistical areas rank in population, according to 2019 population estimates that the United States Census Bureau released in April 2020.

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