10. Jaxlore: Jiffy Feet – A comprehensive history

Jaxlore is a column by Bill Delaney on the folklore, urban legends and local traditions of Jacksonville and the First Coast. This edition looks at “Jiffy feet,” a term for dirty bare feet that’s been part of the local lexicon for more than 40 years.

9. Secret Jacksonville: Marco Lake

Converted from a brickyard claypit into a manmade lake during the construction of Jacksonville’s popular San Marco neighborhood in the 1920s, Marco Lake is one of the city’s most picturesque spaces. Mostly surrounded by private property, it’s also easy to miss even for locals. Fortunately, historic photos and modern drone footage can help capture this Jacksonville treasure.

8. Jacksonville’s Southern rock graves

Jacksonville, the birthplace of Southern rock, is also the final resting place of many who defined the genre. Photographer Chris Soldt takes a tour of Jacksonville’s Southern rock graves.

7. A brief history of Orange Park

Despite being known for having some of Florida’s longest commutes due to massive gridlock on its two main thoroughfares, the actual Town of Orange Park is much smaller and quaint than most may imagine. For anyone looking to get a feel of authentic Orange Park, a stroll down River Road is a great place to start.

6. Secret Florida: Ginger Ale Spring

Bubbling up just off a busy Altamonte Springs road is one of Central Florida’s most unique but least known natural treasures. Named for the soft drink made from its waters a century ago, Ginger Ale Spring presents a serene scene that couldn’t be more different from the suburban sprawl surrounding it.

5. 10 long time Arab American businesses in Jacksonville

Arab Americans have played a major part in Jacksonville history and culture since the 1890s. In honor of National Arab American Heritage Month, here are ten local Arab American businesses that have been around for 20 years or more.

4. The history of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”

On February 12, 1900, James Weldon Johnson’s song “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” was sung for the first time by a choir of Jacksonville children for a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Here’s the story of the song known as America’s black national anthem.

3. Secret Jacksonville: Bulls Bay Preserve and Waterfall

A little known nature preserve on Jacksonville’s Westside is home to a hidden natural treasure: one of Florida’s rare waterfalls. It’s also the source of two significant creeks and has a human history going all the way back to Isaiah D. Hart, the founder of Jacksonville. Photographer Erik Hamilton and The Jaxson’s Bill Delaney take a look at one of Northeast Florida’s best, longest kept secrets.

2. Jacksonville’s Civil War memorials

Although few in number compared to many other Southern cities, a variety of monuments and memorials commemorating the Civil War exist in Jacksonville. These include graves, historic sites associated with camps and battles, monuments to those on both sides of the war, and schools and placenames dedicated to Civil War figures. An update of an article first published in 2017, this piece gives a comprehensive list of these sites.

1. Jacksonville’s oldest local barbecue restaurants

The South is known for great barbecue and Jacksonville’s restaurants are no exception. In honor of National Barbecue Month, here are nine Jacksonville BBQ joints that have been serving up the cuisine longer than the average person may expect.

List by Bill Delaney. Contact Bill at wdelaney@moderncities.com.