What do these cities have in common?

Charleston - 134,875 (2017 city population estimate) King Street

DeLand - 32,506 Woodland Boulevard

Delray Beach - 68,749 Atlantic Avenue

Fort Lauderdale - 180,072 Las Olas Boulevard

Greenville, SC - 68,219 Main Street

Hollywood, FL - 153,627 Hollywood Boulevard

Orlando - 280,257 Orange Avenue

St. Petersburg - 263,255 Central Boulevard

Thomasville - 18,515 Broad Street

West Palm Beach - 110,222 Clematis Street

Winter Garden - 43,536 Plant Street

While the scale, size and density of each city may vary, they all feature a Downtown that supports a centralized, walkable corridor home to restaurants, retail and other attractions along a contiguous stretch of at least two blocks or more. When people envision vibrant downtowns, these are the types of scenes that generally come to mind. These are places that visitors can find a place to eat, spend time or do something as simple as getting a cup of coffee, breakfast or dinner on weekday and weekend days and nights.

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