Major changes are coming to the Kings Avenue/Philips Highway corridor. The opening of the I-95 access and the inclusion of the corridor in an Opportunity Zone, a designated area where a tax haven for investment investors can receive tax breaks, have sparked major new development projects in the distressed area now being dubbed “San Marco East.”

5. The Bearded Pig 1808 Kings Avenue

The Bearded Pig BBQ restaurant at 1224 Kings Avenue recently announced its intentions to construct and relocate to a larger space at 1808 Kings Avenue. Land clearing and site work efforts are already underway for the restaurant. The Bearded Pig anticipates opening the new 125 seat space in late spring 2020 while retaining the existing location for a future project. In addition, the new location will include nearly 50 off-street parking spaces and an outdoor area for family-friendly activities.

4. Florida Cracker Kitchen 1842 Kings Avenue

Construction continues on the adaptive reuse of the former Wimpee Fuel Oil building at 1842 Kings Avenue. Built in 1937, the 6,000 square foot structure will be retrofitted into a second Jacksonville restaurant and taproom for Florida Cracker Kitchen. Anticipated to open in 2020, the $230,000 restaurant project will seat about 110 to 120 people and include 80 parking spaces.