The Revitalization of Downtown Pensacola

A catalyst behind the recent and ongoing revitalization of Downtown Pensacola, businessman and entrepreneur Quint Studer served as a keynote speaker at the Jaxson's latest live event, 'Setting the Table for Urban Revitalization'. Identifying (1) programming, (2) retail and entertainment, (3) office and (4) residential as critical components of bringing the core city back to life, the Jaxson revisits Pensacola to serve as a successful visual before and after example of what can happen when such a plan is put into action. Read More

Exposing Jacksonville's Gullah Geechee Heritage

Historically associated with the Lowcountry region that stretches from Wilmington, North Carolina to St. Augustine, Florida, the Gullah Geechee are descendants of Central and West African ancestors who arrived in America through the transatlantic slave trade. They've had a major impact on the local culture of Jacksonville that continues to be largely overlooked and misunderstood. Prepared for the federal Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission, this brief article is intended to serve as a general, high level overview and introduction of Jacksonville's Gullah Geechee story. Read More

The Evolution of East San Marco

After 17 years of starts and stops, San Marco's long delayed Publix appears to finally be moving forward - though in a dramatically different form than the original proposal. Here's a look at the evolution of the East San Marco development over the years. Read More

Setting the Table for Urban Revitalization

Join The Jaxson, WJCT and APA Florida's First Coast Section on the evening of October 2nd for Setting the Table for Urban Revitalization, a free discussion exploring how authentic, local restaurants, bars, and food halls are becoming essential to revitalization and how Jacksonville can best benefit from this change in the retail landscape. Read More

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