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Lenny's Lawn: A 4-year retrospective

In February 2019, the City of Jacksonville announced its controversial plan to buy and raze the old Jacksonville Landing. While many hoped an iconic new space would soon replace the faded festival marketplace, four years later, it’s still a grass field. Here’s a look back at the decisions that led to “Lenny’s Lawn” and what the future may hold. Read More

St. Augustine hosted the first St. Patrick's Day parade

Forgotten for centuries, the ancient city of St. Augustine hosted what was evidently the world's first recorded parade celebrating St. Patrick's Day during the Spanish colonial period in 1600 and 1601. In honor of San Patricio, The Jaxson takes a look at this unique piece of First Coast history. Read More

Restaurants and bars proposed for East Bay Street

18 years after hosting Super Bowl XXXIX, East Bay Street appears to be on its way to becoming a cohesive entertainment and dining strip. The latest proposed development is a project by 327 East Bay LLC to restore a 40,000-square-foot building into multiple restaurants and bars. Read More

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