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Walking the Racial Equity Walk

A guest editorial by Desiree D. Powell, MCRP about the role the planning profession has played in the disenfranchisement of marginalized communities. Powell is an urban planner focusing on placemaking in Texas and the creator of BLCK SPCES, where she writes about the Black experience in urban design. Read More

Gentrification vs. Withintrification in Jacksonville

Many cities are looking for solutions to the issues caused by gentrification – the influx of new money into neighborhoods that often causes displacement of older residents. One emerging strategy is 'withintrification,' where the changes and investment are driven by the current residents instead of outside developers and politicians. Could this approach work in Jacksonville's increasingly popular Urban Core? Read More

Ten examples of Mid Century Modern in Jacksonville

An architectural movement that peaked during the 1960s, Mid-century modern (MCM) has increased in popularity within the preservation world in recent years. An American reflection of the International and Bauhaus movements, MCM can be found all over Jacksonville. Here are ten commercial examples of the unique architectural style, in and around Downtown Jacksonville. Read More

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