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Photographing Lincolnville: Richard A. Twine

The story of Richard A. Twine, a professional photographer who captured scenes of Lincolnville, St. Augustine’s historic Black neighborhood, during the 1920s. While Twine’s career in Lincolnville only spanned 5 years, he managed to immortalize the diversity, pride, and grandeur of the neighborhood’s residents, celebrating their Black heritage and lives. Read More

Demo Lenny: is Curry the 'Tear Down Mayor?'

Mayor Lenny Curry rejects the idea that he's the 'Tear Down Mayor,' but a review of projects in the Downtown Northbank through his time in office shows there's been more demolition than new construction. Still, Curry can count a number of successes in one area: the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. Read More

Four Hammering Hank Aaron sites in Jacksonville

In 1953, Major League Baseball great Hank Aaron was one of three Black baseball players to integrate baseball's notorious South Atlantic League. Aaron would go on to become one of the greatest players to ever play the game. However, not much is known about sites associated with his experience in Jacksonville. With this in mind, here are four local sites in Durkeeville with ties to Hank Aaron's historic 1953 baseball season. Read More

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