Jax Twitter Fries JEA's 'Project Scampi'

The Florida Times-Union discovered that JEA has used the code name 'Project Scampi' for discussing the controversial plan to sell off the utility. Local Twitter users pan seared the name with some garlic butter and white wine. Read More

Springfield's 1st Railroad: Life After Camp Cuba Libre

Most know it as a wide linear green strip of overgrown vegetation serving as the border between Springfield and the Eastside. 128 years ago, this forgotten path was primed to become a major gateway into Florida's largest city. Today, we take a look at the rise and fall of a former Springfield railroad corridor and the buildings and businesses it once served. Read More

Christmas in the Cathedral District

It can be said that the Cathedral District is Jacksonville's one lost and forgotten walkable neighborhood that actually still exists. Situated on the crest of Billy Goat Hill and sandwiched between the elevated ramps of the Commordore Point and Mathews Bridge Expressways, a walk in this section of downtown provides a glimpse of what a true walkable urban neighborhood looks like. For those looking to for a fun and exciting opportunity to get to know this district better, tonight's Christmas in the Cathedral District Holiday Tour is tailor made for you. Read More

Autonomous shuttle service launches in Orlando

In a race where some cities are placing their image boosting hopes in the hands of emerging technologies, Orlando has become an early leader with the launch of what may be Florida's first autonomous shuttle bus service to be operated as a real first and last mile transit alternative. Read More

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