Visions of Vibrancy: London's Soho

The vibrancy of cities comes in all shapes and sizes. Many believe that what works in internationally known cosmopolitan settings may not be applicable for cities in America that have struggled with embracing walkability. If we look hard enough, we may realize that this type of view should be challenged. Despite the diversity around the globe, all lively cities, downtowns and urban cores have something in common: being pedestrian friendly. Read More

51 Years Later: How Does Consolidation Compare?

Critics of Consolidation often argue that it failed to deliver on its promises for Downtown Jacksonville and the Urban Core. These arguments often miss the context of the pressures Jacksonville and other cities were facing at the time, which would have only gotten worse without decisive action. When compared to the various other solutions that Florida cities pursued to counter these problems, Jacksonville's bold solution stacks up well. Read More

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