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4 mass transit projects comparable to the U2C in price

Billed as a project that will take Jacksonville and downtown to the next level, the conversion of the Skyway into a one-of-a-kind autonomous transit system called the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) has become a popular topic around town. Either people tend to love it, hate it or have feelings but keep quiet for political and job securities sake. Nevertheless, how it compares in costs to other recently completed mass transit projects across the country and how taxpayers can get more value for their investment are rarely discussed in those conversations. To jump start that conversation, here are few mass transit projects across the country that were recently completed for a similar cost per mile. Read More

The Pearl Street District

Straddling the border between LaVilla and NoCo, the Pearl Street District could become the first large scale infill project to be built in the Downtown Northbank in decades. Potentially home to 1,000 residential units, a hotel, retail and restaurant space, the project will seek multi-phase site plan conceptual approval by the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) on Thursday, September 14, 2023. If approved, the project could break ground by fall 2024. Read More

Shipyards Marina Support Building Renderings

Conceptual plans for a Marina Support Building adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel & Residences project at the Jacksonville Shipyards. The proposed Marina Support Building would include a restaurant, retail space and public restrooms. The project will be considered for Conceptual Approval by the Downtown Development Review Board on Thursday, September 14, 2023. Read More

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