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Time for more real talk on JTA's Skyway plans

The capacity’s far too low, the cost is far, far too high, and it doesn’t meet basic needs of a transit system. Here’s our take on five major problems of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s Skyway plans – and the simple way to fix them. Read More

Five sites associated with the Great Fire of 1901

More than 10,000 Jaxsons were left homeless when the Great Fire of 1901 destroyed much of the city of Jacksonville on May 3, 1901. Remembering the disaster that would change the face of the city, here are five sites that are forever connected with the events that took place 120 years ago. Read More

Jacksonville in Flames: Great Fire of 1901

In just over eight hours on May 3, 1901, a small fire, started in a LaVilla mattress factory, would sweep through 146 city blocks of Jacksonville, destroying over 2,000 buildings, taking seven lives, and leaving almost 9,000 people homeless in the process. This tragic event would eventually be known as the Great Fire of 1901, the third largest urban fire in American history behind the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Chicago Fire of 1871. Read More

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