Curry is either JEA sale mastermind, or a sea cucumber

Mayor Lenny Curry is trying to distance himself from the JEA sale fiasco, but what does the evidence say about his involvement? Close analysis reveals only two possibilities: either Curry is indeed the mastermind behind the sale of the public utility, or he is in reality a brainless echinoderm, perhaps of the species Holothuria floridana, witlessly squirming his way through the business of being Mayor of Jacksonville. Read More

Durkee Gardens: Jax's first black historic district

Situated on the opposite side of Interstate 95 from Downtown Jacksonville, Durkeeville is a historic neighborhood that most Jaxsons may not know or have visited. Developed for Jacksonville's rapidly growing middle class black community during the prime years of Jim Crow, a portion of the neighborhood is now designated as a National Register of Historic Places historic district. Read More

First Baptist's Sunday school building is worth saving

First Baptist Church has applied to demolish the historic Sunday school building on its property. Landmark designation could save the 1927-built structure, and it easily passes the criteria. Will the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission spare it from the wrecking ball? Read More

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