Veronica Little is still pursuing her vision of memorializing those who served but have lain in their graves forgotten while the city grew up around them. Her vision is coming to fruition due to her efforts and from those who have volunteered and donated. “We all have hands,” she told me. “We can all do something. The descendants have a right to maintain the cemetery.”

In the last 4 months, St. Nicholas Bethel Baptist Church has been granted access from Stonemount and the lot has been cleared, but there is still a lot to do. The church needs to schedule a boundary survey, meet with an aroborist to determine which trees may need to come down, and ultimately, decide on a long term plan for the cemetery. While they continue to need volunteers and donations, they have made incredible progress with the land.

Here is what the cemetery looked like back in November 2022:

And here is what it looks like now:

The Stonemont Apartment complex is to the right. Straight ahead is a fence that used to separate the cemetery from the rusted out playground.

Looking out towards Philips Highway at the northwest corner of the cemetery.

Looking out towards Philips Highway along the cemetery’s west side.

Looking out towards Philips Highway at the southwest corner of the cemetery.

The southern side of the cemetery.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, email If anyone is interested in donating via CashApp or Zelle, here is the church’s information:

  • CashApp: #$Snbbc 001
  • Zelle: 9046311513