Additional Sites

By the very nature of their age, location and use, here are additional examples of Royal Terrace sites that may be historically related to juke joints, night clubs and bars during the neighborhood’s Chitlin Circuit heyday.

In 1961, Nathan Nesbit, Sr. opened Nesbit’s Donut and Sandwich Shop on the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Kings Road in Durkeeville. After witnessing a customer walk in to get her order dressed in a bath robe, Nesbit wanted a more convenient way to serve his customers. In June 1964, he established a drive-through service for his 24 hour a day restaurant at 5913 Avenue B. A year later, a dining room was added and the menu was expanded to include fish, chicken and hamburgers. Although the area’s economic decline would result in Nesbit’s no longer maintaining 24 hour a day operating hours, Nesbit’s continues to survive, making it one of Jacksonville’s longest continuous operating restaurants.

The Moncrief Liquour and Lounge is located at 5757 Moncrief Road. Dating back to 1947, the building was once known as Trotter Liquors.

2271 45th Street was completed in 1955.

Dating back to 1955, 2262 45th Street was the longtime location of the 45th Street Pool Room.

Completed in 1965, 5562 Avenue B is located just south of the former Havana Nite Club.

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