25. Exploring a natural Florida anomaly: Devil’s Millhopper

A short drive from Jacksonville, Devil’s Millhopper is a 120-foot deep sinkhole similar in appearance to the hopper of a mill. A geological anomaly and National Park Service designated natural landmark, the site was acquired by the state in 1974. It includes a network of trails, boardwalks and an observation deck to allow visitors to see the sink up close without causing soil erosion.

24. A walk down Fernandina Beach’s Egans Creek Greenway

Featuring 300 acres of protected land and 5.6 miles of trails, the Egans Creek Greenway is a natural jewel right in the middle of Fernandina Beach.

23. Florida LGBTQ history: Timucua two-spirits

Florida’s LGBTQ history begins thousands of years before Europeans arrived. Before colonization, most Native American societies in North America had gender roles for people of a mixed or third gender – people known today as two-spirits. Among the earliest existing sources for two-spirits come from the Timucua people of North Florida, who first encountered Europeans in the 16th century.

22. Dead Malls: Regency Square Mall

With the 2020 closure of JCPenney, Jacksonville’s Regency Square Mall has been delivered a punch that may represent the final nail in the coffin of its demise. Courtesy of Abandoned Florida, here is a look at the rise and fall of Regency Square Mall.

21. Arlington history in color

A rare look at various historic scenes of Jacksonville’s Arlington neighborhood in color.

20. Metro Jacksonville’s 10 most dangerous intersections

Stay away from these intersections if you want to decrease your chances of being involved in an accident. Here are the top ten intersections for crashes in the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area based off 2020 crash data analysis.

19. Five major projects about to be underway in downtown

Here are five Northbank projects preparing to break ground soon.

18. Wait, is Lerp not actually happening?

Whatever it represents, the proposed 151-foot sculpture is the centerpiece of the recently awarded Landing replacement plans. But recent comments from the Downtown Investment Authority and a dive into the decision making process suggest it may not be in the cards at all.

17. Timucuan Preserve: A walk through Willie Browne’s woods

When he passed away 50 years ago last month, Willie Browne left Jacksonville one of the greatest gifts in city history: his family’s 600 acres of wild, historically significant land. Now known as the Theodore Roosevelt Area and part of the sprawling Timucuan Preserve, Willie’s former home is a haven for nature lovers throughout the First Coast.

16. The best books about Jacksonville

Welcome to The Jaxson’s running list of 50+ of the best nonfiction books ever written about Jacksonville and the people who made it what it is today.

15. Amtrak expansion includes Jacksonville. Are we ready?

Amtrak has announced an ambitious plan that will expand its passenger rail operations in Florida. Is it time for Jacksonville’s leaders to get serious about putting money behind a 20 year dream to bring passenger rail back to Downtown Jacksonville?

14. Jaxlore: 9 Jacksonville legends

Jaxlore is a column by Bill Delaney on the folklore, urban legends and local traditions of Jacksonville and the First Coast. In honor of spooky season, today’s column brings together a list of the region’s best known ghosts, cryptids, mysterious metal orbs and everything else that goes bump in the night.

13. 11 Soul Food Restaurants in Jacksonville

In honor of June being National Soul Food Month, here are eleven authentic and locally operated soul food restaurants in Jacksonville. If you see a soul food establishment you’d recommend that is not listed, let us know!