1. Brooklyn Park

Located a short distance from the Brooklyn Riverside and Brooklyn Station developments, Brooklyn Park dates back to 1971. Fronting McCoys Creek, Brooklyn Park is the only active green space within the Downtown Investment Authority’s boundaries.

2. Bryan Simpson United States Courthouse Plaza

Completed in 2002, along with the Bryan Simpson United States Courthouse, despite being adjacent to Hemming Park, this elevated courtyard typically remains quiet, even on downtown’s busiest days.

3. Confederate Park

Dating back to 1907, Confederate Park once contained the City’s first supervised playground. During the early half of the 20th century, this park served as an epicenter for major cultural events, including the 1914 annual reunion of the United Confederate Veterans. Despite once being considered on the edge of downtown, Confederate Park was largely forgotten after the continued expansion of State and Union Streets into highways visually and mentally separating downtown from Springfield.