About Broughton Street

Broughton Street is considered to be the historic “Main Street” of Downtown Savannah. Stretching 0.75 miles from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in the west to East Broad Street in the east, Broughton Street is named for Thomas Broughton, lieutenant-governor of South Carolina from 1735 through 1737. Located in the center of Savannah’s historic district, Broughton Street is recognized by USA Today as one of the Great American Shopping Streets.

Leopold’s Ice Cream has been in business since 1919.

The Savannah Taphouse at 125 East Broughton Street.

Common is an industrial-chic restaurant in a 140-year-old building at 118 East Broughton Street.

The Marshall House Hotel at 123 East Broughton Street has been a part of Savannah’s history since 1851.

The intersection of East Broughton and Drayton Streets.

The storefront display of River Street Sweets.

The new Broughton Street streetscape was completed in spring 2023 at the cost of $13.33 million.

As a part of the project, travel lanes were reduced in width to increase the width of sidewalks.

Levy Jewelers at the intersection of Broughton Street and Bull Street. The business was established in 1900.

Walking west on Broughton Street adjacent to the Truist Bank building.

Portions of Broughton Street now feature a curb-less street environment.