A site plan alternative under consideration for Riverside Village (NAI Hallmark)

For decades, The Row was Jacksonville’s version of the St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Monument Avenue in Richmond and Third Street in Old Louisville. While much of it has been erased from existence after decades of demolitions, a new project being marketed by NAI Hallmark promises to add a little life back to this historic area of Riverside.

In a recent Jax Daily Record article by Karen Brune Mathis, NAI Hallmark highlighted its plans for a new mixed-use development adjacent to Memorial Park. Located at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Memorial Park Drive, Riverside Village is the tentative name of a campus project that will consist of four buildings owned by Dr. Frank Schiavone, the founder of North Florida Dermatology Associates. With the business in the process of relocating to San Marco, Schiavone has teamed up to NAI Hallmark to convert his mix of modern and historic properties into a mix of uses that could include restaurant, retail and residential living space. Combined, the properties contain 49 spaces and cover 1.3 acres.

While there is no specific timeline for the project, here is a look at each building and some preliminary descriptions of what could be headed their way.

1. 1541 Riverside Avenue

1541 Riverside Avenue is one of two of The Row’s original remaining residential structures. Potential uses for the 110 year old mansion include office space, event space or a bed-and-breakfast.

2. 1551 Riverside Avenue Before - North Florida Dermatology

The long time location of North Florida Dermatology could be divided into 4,2000 square feet of restaurant and retail space with outdoor patios. The conversion of this office building would be the first of the buildings at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Memorial Park Drive to be adaptively reused.

After - Conceptual Rendering of future mixed use (NAI Hallmark)

3. 1721 Memorial Park Drive

Originally completed in 1909, this 2,880 square foot residence facing Memorial Park could be converted into first floor retail and second floor office space. A 4,700 square foot building (#4 on the site plan) used for storage in the rear of this property could be converted into a mix of office and residential space or be suitable for a craft brewery/distillery-type business.

5. Multipurpose Pavilion

A multipurpose pavilion could be built in the surface parking lot behind 1551 Riverside Avenue.

Combined, the development would contain 49 off-street parking spaces.

Development update by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at edavis@moderncities.com