Video and article by Scott Gann

This video details the history, current state, future plans, and benefits of revitalization for these creeks in a broad sense. If you would like to learn more about the specifics of the redevelopment efforts, please check out the links at the end of the article. What do you think? Is this a worthy investment for the city? How will this transform downtown?


Map of Hogans Creek relative to the Urban Core and Springfield neighborhoods

Picture of Henry J. Klutho, whom the park in Springfield is named after. He came up with a design for “an artistic open-air canal … with architectural embellishments” which transformed Hogans Creek in the 1920’s

Old post card depicting Confederate Park adjacent to Hogans Creek with the decorative stone barrier along the walkway

Current view of Confederate Park adjacent to Hogans Creek

Trash caught in the branches of a bush floating in Hogans Creek, evidence that the creeks have been neglected since they were originally intended to be places for people to visit often

Concrete columns/fence along Hogans Creek just north of the Armory Building, with vegetation taking over the old walkway

The North Market Street bridge over Hogans Creek whose white façade has faded since it was built in 1926. A remaining component of the original design implemented by the city

The abandoned Claude Nolan Cadillac building on the corner of North Main Street and Orange Street viewed from Hogans Creek. An example of where mixed use development could be implemented

Rendering of a model section of the Emerald Trail in Lavilla pioneered by Groundwork Jacksonville that has been approved. This is an example of what the trails along the creeks could look like if this model is replicated

A train passing by McCoys Creek on its way to cross the St. Johns River

A section of the popular Atlanta Beltline that looks very similar to the section of McCoys Creek pictured above. The urban trails in Atlanta are a great model for what the Emerald Trail in Jacksonville could become, with creeks that make it unique to the city

Links to sources where you can find more detailed information about the history of these downtown creeks and efforts to restore and revitalize them:

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Video and article by Scott Gann