The project would renovate and convert an existing 5,376-square-foot structure built in 1912 into a live music venue. The addition of two stories of covered space and an uncovered rooftop component will expand the property into a 9,219-square-foot structure. Presented below, the Downtown Development Review Board Staff is recommending final approval of the project at the January 12, 2023 DDRB board meeting.

General Information

DDRB Application 2023-002 seeks Final Approval for That Bar at the Arena. The project consists of an exterior addition and balconies on an existing two-story structure that was built around 1910. The proposed addition/renovation will result in two-stories of covered exterior space and an uncovered rooftop space. The existing two-story structure is approximately 5,376 square feet. With the proposed covered addition on the first and second floor, the commercial space becomes approximately 9,219 square feet. An occupiable rooftop deck is also proposed.

The site is 0.28 of an acre and abuts the VyStar Veteran’s Memorial Arena, located to the west and north of the project site. To the east of the site is the 121 Financial Ballpark, and to the south is the Arena parking garage.

Originally the project was heard as DDRB Application 2019-015 and received Conceptual Approval on December 12, 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 shutdown of 2020 and economic/supply complications thereafter, an application was never filed for Final Approval. In 2022, the applicant gathered a new design team, and building from the original Conceptual Approval, the applicant has a thorough submittal. Given these extenuating circumstances, DDRB Staff is submitting this application for a combined Conceptual and Final Approval to the DDRB.

Based on the foregoing, the Downtown Development Review Board Staff recommends FINAL APPROVAL of DDRB Application 2023-002.