DDRB Application 2024-006 seeks Conceptual Review for Block N5 of the Pearl Street District. Block N5 is an existing 5-story parking garage that is being retrofitted with storefronts as a development pad/phase within the Pearl Street District multi-phase site plan (approved DDRB Application 2023-017), located in the Church District of the Downtown Zoning Overlay.

As shown on the location map on the following page, the property occupies the entire block, bounded by West Union Street and West Beaver Street to the north and south, respectively, and by North Pearl Street and North Julia Street on the west and east, respectively.

The applicant seeks to renovate the structure and add commercial storefronts along the Beaver Street frontage. The storefronts would wrap the corners along both Pearl Street and Julia Street, but not extend to Union Street.

Source: Downtown Development Review Board July 11, 2024 Agenda Packet