A plan to convert the former Reddi-Arts complex in the Southbank into a mixed-use property continues to move forward. The project led by Dav-Lin Interior Contractors, Inc. seeks final approval at the Downtown Development Review Board’s (DDRB) January 13, 2022 meeting. Future plans call for selective demolition and adaptive reuse of the property to include 13,364 square feet of office and retail space. In addition, 39 off-street parking spaces and ample room for outdoor seating would be created throughout the property at 1037 Hendricks Avenue.

DDRB Application 2021-019 seeks Final Approval for the redevelopment of four existing buildings (Building “A”, Building “B”, Building “C”, and Building “D”) to proposed retail/restaurant uses. The project also proposes to demolish a portion of Building “D” due to the overall condition of the building and the multiple additions that have been added through the years. The site is .99 acres and is surrounded by commercial and retail space. The project site is bounded to the East and West by Kings Ave and Hendricks Ave respectively; and to the North and South by BB’s Restaurant and Bar and Dogtopia respectively.

Based on the foregoing, the Downtown Development Review Board Staff supports FINAL APPROVAL of DDRB Application 2021-019 with the following deviation and condition:

(A) Deviation to Sec. 656.361.6.2.L. – Screening and Landscaping of Surface Parking, Trash, Storage and Loading Areas to allow for a reduction in the landscape area linear feet required from 1,630 square feet to 661 square feet along Hendricks Ave.;

(B) Street furnishings (e.g. benches, trash receptacles) shall be in accordance with the updated Downtown Streetscape Design Guidelines.

Conceptual plans and renderings for this Southbank development are illustrated below.

January 13, 2022 DDRB Presentation