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DDRB Application 2023-011 seeks Final Approval for the RD River City Brewery Mixed-Use project in the Southbank District. The subject site is approximately 3.43 acres and is bounded to the north by the St. Johns River, to the east by the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) and the park, to the south by Museum Circle, and to the west by the St. Johns Marina Boat Ramp.

This project was previously approved under DDRB Application 2020-023 in May 2021. The project has been substantially redesigned, and as such, the project is being heard by the DDRB as a new application.

The original approval was for an eight-story, 333-unit, multi-family residential complex with attached parking garage (535 spaces). The project also included the future development of a restaurant located adjacent to St. Johns Park (Friendship Fountain).

The current proposal is for 410 multi-family units, a restaurant (approximately 4,559 square feet), and an attached parking garage (511 spaces). The development includes an eight-story residential block abutting Museum Circle, a residential tower on the riverfront (approximately 24-stories), with a parking deck interior to, and mostly wrapped by, the complex. The site plan alsoshows a riverfront restaurant with outdoor seating and a pool/courtyard area at grade and abutting the residential tower.