Proposed Hart/Talleyrand Expressway Improvements

A view of the overall bridge removal and redevelopment plan (City of Jacksonville)

The proposed plan would include an interchange at A. Philip Randolph Boulevard and the addition of a shared use path along the south side of Gator Bowl Boulevard. It would not include provisions of a dedicated lane or right-of-way for JTA’s proposed Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C). Integrating U2C vehicles that will struggle to reach a maximum of 25mph could result in conflict with faster moving vehicular traffic coming on and off the proposed bridge ramp.

A signalized marked crosswalk for pedestrians and cyclist will be provided at the entrance to Lot J and Daily’s Place.

The intersection of Gator Bowl Boulevard with the new ramp providing access to the Hart Bridge. New pedestrian and bicycle facilities are highlighted in blue.

The proposed cross section of Gator Bowl Boulevard after the removal of the Hart Bridge viaduct. Unlike previous elevated freeways being replaced with new context sensitive multi-modal boulevards in cities like San Francisco, Boston and Milwaukee, Gator Bowl Boulevard already exists. However, a new 12-foot-wide shared use path would be constructed on the south side of the street.

A few blocks north, the project also includes the addition of a shared use path on the north side of East Duval Street between Palmetto Street and A. Philip Randolph Boulevard.