Kelco Management and Development Inc. is seeking Final Approval for a new 6-story, 10,720 square foot Home 2 Suites hotel with 100 rooms. The 1.2 acre project is located at the corner of Park Street and Rosselle Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The hotel would include a restaurant, lobby area, fitness center and meeting room space one the first floor facing Park Street. An on-site surface parking lot for guests would be located behind the building. While the hotel would replace a surface parking lot, the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) staff is recommending that Final Approval be denied due to the rear off-street surface parking lot not being wrapped by the building. This recommendation is based on a local public policy that The Jaxson has mentioned in the past as needing to be revised. Here is a look at the design of the proposed project. Let us know what you think.