About Oneida Court

The N.G. Wade Investment Company was founded by Neill Gillespie Wade. Wade was involved in the North and South Carolina timber business before relocating to Jacksonville around 1900.

In 1925, Wade’s company developed the 28-unit Oneida bungalow court in West Lewisville (also known as Mixontown or North Riverside). It is said that the units were built to house Wade’s workers.

After years of neighborhood demolitions and neglect, Oneida is the largest single-site collection of historic residential units from West Lewisville’s early days.

Located in an area now known as Mixon Town, West Lewisville is a 20-block neighborhood bounded by Interstate 10, Interstate 95, Forest Street and Osceola Street, just north of Riverside and west of Brooklyn. Straddling the former Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railway, West Lewisville originated during the late 19th century as a westward expansion of nearby African-American communities such as LaVilla, Campbell Hill and Brooklyn.

The bungalow court, at 441 Wade Drive, was acquired by Brooklyn Bungalow Court LLC. in 2023. Brooklyn Bungalow Court LLC. intends to rehabilitate this missing middle housing development and restore two historic commercial buildings on-site into restaurant and office space.

2097 Edison Street

Located at the intersection of Edison Street and Goodwin Street, 2097 Edison Street was a service station originally built in 1924. As a part of the property’s rehabilitation, the developer plans to convert the building into a small commercial space like a cafe or neighborhood store.

441 Goodwin Street

441 Goodwin Street is a former club that was built in 1970. The developer intends to convert the building into an office for the bungalow court development.