In 2021, the City of Jacksonville entered into a $1.33 million contract with Jacksonville-based Prosser, Inc., for 2-Way Mobility & Safety professional engineering services.The goal of this project is to convert the existing roadway infrastructure on Forsyth and Adams Streets from one-way pairs to two-way roadways to create a more pedestrian-friendly, economically viable, and better-connected downtown street network.

The return to two way streets and resulting slower speeds are shown to stimulate economic growth and increase property values; facilitate more efficient use of on-street parking and ride share; enhance retail visibility and promote retail occupancy rates and success; improve walkability and increase pedestrian safety and pedestrian activity on the sidewalk; and increase residential demand and perceived quality of life for residents.

A recent ten set submittal illustrate design plans that target the two-way conversion of Adams and Forsyth Streets between Jefferson and Liberty Streets.

Elements of the project include the milling and resurfacing of both streets, along with ten-foot travel lanes and seven-foot parallel parking spaces. Existing sidewalks and curbs would remain. Additions to beautify the corridors include the placement of steel intersection planters and seven parklets with steel planters and ribbed wood tile flooring.

Proposed Typical Sections

Adams Street Typical Sections

Forsyth Street Typical Sections

Forsyth Street Turn Lane Typical Section

Proposed Adams Street Roadway Plan