In Photographs: Mayport Village Today

Located at 4852 Ocean Street, Mayport’s Morningstar Marina is one of nine Morningstar locations in the southeastern United States.

Singleton’s Seafood Shack is a popular seafood market and restaurant that was founded by Ray and Ann Singleton in 1969. Located at 4728 Ocean Street, the former shrimper initially started serving breakfasts and then lunches to shrimpers out of a 20-foot-by-20-foot building. Over the years, the building was expanded over pilings into the St. Johns River.

4610 Ocean Street served as the U.S. War Department’s engineering office during World War I. Today, this property is all that remains standing of the land acquired by JaxPort for the development of a cruise ship terminal a decade ago.

Safe Harbor Seafood is the largest business in Mayport. The wholesale seafood operation includes a seafood processing plant, market for retail sale of fresh-caught fish packed in ice, and a restaurant for dining on the catch.

The United States Coast Guard’s office was where railroad once ended in Mayport.

The King House at 4627 Ocean Street was completed by William Joseph King in 1907 after the original building was destroyed by fire. Built in 1881 on land once used as a Spanish cemetery, the original structure served as a boarding house for sailors. The house is believed by many to be haunted by the spirit of a sailor.

*Also known as Public School Number 32, Mayport Elementary School was built in 1927. Located on Palmer Avenue, Palmer was the main road into Mayport prior to the establishment of Mayport Naval Station.

Mayport Presbyterian Church was built in 1892. It is nicknamed the ‘Lighthouse Church’ because it is located in the shadow of the lighthouse.

The St. Johns River Light is a decommissioned 85-foot-tall lighthouse that was constructed in 1858. It is the oldest surviving building in Mayport Village. However, it is not accessible to the general public. The property was acquired by the U.S. Navy when it established Naval Station Mayport during the 1940s.

1345 Broad Street was completed in 1916.

1414 Palmer Street was completed in 1917.

1441 Palmer Street was completed in 1922.

1438 Palmer Street was completed in 1917.

1448 Palmer Street was completed in 1922.

1402 Ferris Street was completed in 1938.

The St. Johns River Ferry connects Mayport Village to Batten Island.

Batten Island

Like Mayport, Batten Island’s early settlers made their living piloting ships passing through the mouth of the St. Johns River through swift currents and shifting sandbars. As commerce along the river increased, a 19th century community called Pilot Town developed on Batten Island.

The Broward House at 9953 Heckscher Drive was once the home of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, Jr. Broward was a bar pilot that became the 19th governor of Florida in 1905.

A new segment of the East Coast Greenway along Heckscher Drive.

The Sandollar Restaurant originally opened in 1954 to capitalize on Mayport’s booming shrimp market. The current building was completed in 1988 by Dwayne Williams. Williams once owned Mayport’s La Cruise Casino and Restaurant that was located next door to Singleton’s Seafood Shack.

The St. Johns Boat Company at 9852 Heckscher Drive. The boatyard is one of three companies that make up the St. Johns Marine Group. Along with Dixie Towing LLC and W&D Ship Deck Works Inc., the companies offer full service ship repair, vessel operating and management, contract towing, commercial diving, and salvage.

Mayport Village is located at the mouth of the St. Johns River, 19 miles east of downtown Jacksonville.

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at