1. Florida C. Dwight Park 1199 West Church Street Located in a century old industrial district on the other side of I-95. Within walking distance of Engine 15’s new production brewery and bier garden but out of site, out of mind in regards to downtown visibility and access.

2. Brooklyn Park 1201 Jackson Street A underutilized public park within walking distance of new infill development in Brooklyn and JTA’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit line to Orange Park.

3. Harper Street 4.21-acre McCoys Creek site near the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Harper Street in Brooklyn A large portion of this site has been identified in the past as being included as a part of JTA’s plans to bring Amtrak and passenger rail back downtown.

Courtesy of Jacksonville Transportation Authority

4. Main Street Pocket Park Intersection of Main and Duval Streets A skatepark at this site, solidifies the idea that a pocket park should have never been built next to the Salvation Army in the heart of downtown. However, if you’re a fan of clustering as much activity within a compact pedestrian-scaled setting, this is the most centralized site under consideration. It’s actually the only site located in the heart of the historic core of the city.

5. Metropolitan Park Is a riverfront skatepark a realistic option? In addition, there has been a lot of smoke recently about Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan targeting this property for future redevelopment.

6. Sports Complex Pond Site Under the Hart Bridge Overpass If you’re a fan of getting skateboarders as far away from downtown as possible, yet still referring to the area as downtown, this is your best location.

7. Washington Street 535 Washington Street This site offers some decent connectivity between the Northbank, Hogans Creek, Eastside and Springfield.

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Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at edavis@moderncities.com.