Once known as “Sin City” due to a 1960s adults only apartment complex located in the middle of it, Woodland Acres is a neighborhood that dates back to the early 20th century.

Platted as Oakwood Villa Estates by former city councilman Walter C. Warrington, Woodland Acres is an Arlington area neighborhood that was built on land previously occupied by the Strawberry plantation and mill established by Francis Richard II during the late 19th century.

In 1840, the plantation, which cultivated Sea Island cotton, rice and provisions crops, was sold to John Sammis. Sammis was the husband of Mary Kingsley, the daughter of Anna Madgigine and Zephaniah Kingsley. One of Duval County’s largest enslavers, Sammis sold most of the plantation’s #gullahgeechee enslaved in New Orleans in April 1860.

While platted in 1910, the neighborhood was largely developed between 1940 and 1960. Characterized by hilly topography, Woodland Acres has experienced significant infill housing development over the past decade. Located along Pottsburg, Strawberry, and Silversmith creeks, Woodland Acres lies just east of Southside Boulevard between the Arlington Expressway and Atlantic Boulevard.

Completed in 2004, Tidewater Acres Park is located at 7140 Berry Avenue.

A view of Silversmith Creek from Johnston Avenue.

Recently constructed single family residences along Hare Avenue.

The Golden Shores of Jacksonville apartment complex was originally completed as the Fox Meadows Country Club Apartments in 1960. Built in a low lying marsh that was once the mill pond for the Strawberry Plantation mill on Strawberry Creak, Fox Meadows was an apartment complex that promised luxury living at reasonable rates. In addition, no children were allowed. As time went on, the complex struggled with drugs and prostitution, leading to the area being called “Sin City”.

The First Coast Health & Rehab at 7723 Jasper Avenue.

Warrington Park lies on land donated in 1955 to Duval County for a public park by Walter C. and Bernice I. Warrington. Completed in 1958, the park is home to a swimming pool, senior center, tennis and pickleball courts.

Woodland Acres Elementary School was built in 1956.