1. Located at the intersection of Yacht Club Road and Ortega Boulevard, the Venetia Gatway columns were constructed in the 1920s to serve as the main entrance to Venetia.

2. 4314 Genoa Avenue is a Mediterranean Revival residence completed in 1928. Combining elements of both Italian and Spanish motifs, the Mediterranean Revival style was highly popular in Florida during the 1920’s real estate boom. Mediterranean Revival represents the dominant architectural style of residences in Venetia constructed before the Great Depression.

3. 4382 Venetia Boulevard was completed in 1980.

4. 4381 Venetia Boulevard is a ranch style residence completed in 1972.

5. 4061 Timuquana Road is a Tudor Revival style residence completed in 1930. Representing English architecture during the Tudor reign (1485-1603), this was style was popular in Venetia, Oretga and Avondale during the 1920s.

6. 4268 Venetia Boulevard was completed in 1964.

7. Timuquana Country Club was chartered on February 12, 1923. The name “Timuquana” is a variation of the Native American Timucuan tribe that once lived along the St. Johns River.

8. The skyline of Downtown Jacksonville as seen from the pool of the Timuquana Golf and Country Club.

9. 4320 Demedici Avenue was constructed in 1941.

10. 4332 Demedici Avenue was completed in 1941.

11. Venetia Elementary School opened in 1942 as Public School 68. Duval County Public Schools intends to demolish and replace the structure with a few facility at the estimated cost of $23 million, if a sales tax referendum passes in November 2020.

12. 4344 Demedici Ave was completed in 1927.

13. 4311 Venetia Boulevard was completed in 1967.

14. 4356 Davinci Avenue was built in 1927.