McCoys Landing

The developer intends to break ground on the McCoys Landing project during the first quarter of 2024. The project is estimated to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2025.

General Information:

DDRB Application 2023-012 seeks Conceptual Review for the McCoy’s Landing project, which is in the LaVilla District. The subject site is approximately two (2) acres and includes the entire block between Dennis Street and Harper Street and Myrtle Avenue and Hanover Street.

The development includes demolition of existing structures and new construction for approximately 275 multi-family units, parking, and associated amenities (business office, bike shop, and recreational space). The proposed building is a 5-over-2 podium design.

The subject site is uniquely constrained. The FEC railroad is to the north across Dennis Street. Myrtle Avenue is to the west as it goes under I-95, and Hanover Street bounds the site to the east with no connecting roadways outside of the subject block. Harper Street borders the site to the south, and a park project, Brooklyn Park, is currently in design along McCoys Creek, across Harper Street. This unique context prompts development and design decisions that may require the need for deviations and offers opportunities for creative placemaking and streetscape improvements.

Source: DDRB May 11, 2023, Agenda Packet

DDRB Staff Recommendation

The Downtown Development Review Board Staff supports CONCEPTUAL REVIEW of DDRB Application 2023-012 subject to the following conditions:

  1. Prior to submittal for final review, the developer shall meet with staff to identify any deviations sought.

  2. The developer shall work with staff to improve the programming or functionality of the Urban Open Space.

  3. For the Final Approval submittal, the applicant shall submit a shade study or shade calculations to ensure the pedestrian protection requirements are met.

  4. The street sections should be revised for efficiency: reduce travel lane width; increase Pedestrian Zone width; and possibly add bicycle facilities. Staff will continue to work with the development team to refine and clarify the street sections.

  5. Any changes to the direction of the roadways around the subject site will be reviewed and approved by the City’s Traffic Engineer prior to final approval. Generally, Staff is not proposed change because these streets are very narrow, and the block is isolated with no connectivity from any road other than Myrtle.

McCoys Landing May 11, 2023 DDRB Application 2023-012