In collaboration with several art institutions and schools within the state, a group known as Metropolis has proposed an alternative vision for a long underutilized site being considered as the location of a new administrative headquarters for the JEA. Metropolis’ plans call for the conversion of 337 West Adams Street into a community art incubator called La Rue des Arts. Utilizing existing modular structures on the property, Metropolis believes the $120,000 project would encourage an active street life beyond traditional daylight business hours which will create an environment of growth for other restaurants, retail and entertainment business in the vicinity. Here’s a look and background information on La Rue des Arts.

The Property is located in the Central Civic Core District immediately adjacent to the New Court House Building. This neighborhood encourages cultural and entertainment uses, and construction of commercial and/or office uses on the ground floor. In furtherance of these objectives and in keeping with the theme of Central Civic Core District, Metropolis, in conjunction with several Arts Organizations of the State of Florida, proposes to redevelop the Property as a mobile Multi-Cultural Art Center, known as La Rue des Arts or The Street of Arts, a Community Art Incubator in the center of Downtown Jacksonville. The Property has an approximately 10,000 square foot of re-usable Modular Building on site. Our organization recently purchased the modular buildings and we would like to propose to City of Jacksonville the possibility to lease the land for a 24-month period to re-development the temporary space. Understanding the Downtown area, the location for this project will be ideal to connect and create a pedestrian circulation between La Villa, as a residential district, and the Riverfront District. The key element for this project will be the much-needed open public space for or “La Place” for Downtown. La Place will be acting as a small Boulevard between Adam and Monroe Street creating spaces that will interact with the buildings creating a unique pedestrian experience. The Project will serve as a primary destination for artistic and educational events, creating synergy between the existing and emerging developments in the area by hosting activities and providing a space for the public. In order to revitalize and create a positive impact on the Downtown area, La Rue des Arts will be open during the day and night, providing seminars, expositions, lectures and live performance. In other words, La Rue des Arts will be the place where something will always be happening. Source: Metropolis

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