Project General Information

DDRB Application 2023-018 seeks Final Approval for the Marina Support Facility, located on the Shipyards Mixed-Use Development property. As shown in the images on the following page, the subject site is between the anticipated office tower and the Northbank Riverwalk (north and south, respectively), and a service drive/parking and the anticipated hotel/residential building (west and east, respectively).

The proposed project includes development of a mixed-use marina support building with a dockmaster, public facilities, and restaurant space. An event lawn, which is located in between the DDRB-approved office tower and the support building, and adjacent Riverwalk improvements are also included in this review. The marina itself is not included in the review; its inclusion in the submittal is for reference only.

The subject site is uniquely situated as it does not have direct street frontage. Rather, it fronts the Riverwalk with View and Access Corridors on either side. Interaction with the public will be via the Riverwalk and from the adjacent uses – hotel, event lawn, and office tower.

Project Concept and Renderings