Founded by Erik C. Kasper in 2004, Kasper Architects is a full service architectural and interior design firm with studios in Jacksonville and Raleigh, North Carolina. Located near the Avenues Mall, at 10175 Fortune Parkway, the firm is making plans to relocate its corporate office to Downtown Jacksonville’s Cathedral Hill District. Seeking a combined Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) Conceptual and Final Review on January 11, 2024, Kasper plans to renovate an existing office building at the northwest corner of Ocean and East Church Streets.

Project General Information

DDRB Application 2024-001 seeks a combined Conceptual and Final Review for the façade renovation for the structure at 500 North Ocean Street. The existing two-story structure was built in 1982, and the applicant intends to renovate the façade of the existing structure. Renovation will include adding brick veneer to the Church and Ocean Street elevations, increasing the size of six (6) windows, and installing new aluminum storefronts for all windows.

The site is located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Ocean Street and Church Street. The structure is surrounded by a surface parking lot (not associated with the subject property) on the north and west, and by Ocean Street to the east and Church Street to the south.

Project Concept and Renderings