A December 2019 perspective rendering of JEA’s proposed Downtown headquarters.

After reevaluating the need for a large new headquarters, The Jaxson takes a before and after look at JEA’s scaled-down plans for its proposed $68 million project. Construction on the 162,000-square-foot building and adjacent 657-space parking with 10,690 square feet of retail is required to start no later than December 31, 2020.

West Facade (North Pearl Street) - December 2019

On December 12, 2019, the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) gave final approval for the design of JEA’s proposed downtown headquarters. At the time, the 9-story, 200,000 square foot office building would have been 150-feet in height.

West Facade (North Pearl Street) - June 2020

Seeking to save on development costs since the firing of former CEO Aaron Zahn, the project has been value engineered. The new plan is for a 7-story, 162,000 square foot office building, rising 128-feet in height. Considered the front of the proposed office building, this is a view of the building from the Duval County Courthouse plaza.

South Facade (West Adams Street) - December 2019

In addition to a 9-story office building, in December 2019, the approved plan included an 850-space parking structure with 7,170 square feet of ground floor retail. This elevation captures what the project, with a 110-foot parking structure would look like along West Adams Street.

South Facade (West Adams Street) - June 2020

The new plan will include a smaller garage with 657 spaces and 10,690 square feet of ground floor retail. The parking structure would be 100-feet tall.

Overall Site Plan - December 2019

The main lobby and showroom for the office building will be located at the intersection of West Adams and North Pearl Streets. In December 2019, the proposed lobby would be accessible from Adams and Pearl Streets for pedestrians and include space for a deli/coffee shop overlooking Adams Street. This plan also included a narrow strip of retail facing Julia Street.

Overall Site Plan - June 2020

While the height of the office tower and garage have been reduced, the new plan creates more retail space and interaction along West Adams Street. The portion of the building at the corner of Adams and Julia has been chamfered. The treatment at the pedestrian level in intended to create additional space with a more urban and activated feel.Furthermore, the lobby area of the office building has increased in size and appears to be designed to where it can be modified to accommodate a variety of uses in the future.

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