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It may sound like a baseball promotion involving the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp’s second most famous mascot - the one who’s not Southpaw the dog, I think it’s some sort of nautilus - but the The Florida Times-Union has found that “Project Scampi” is actually a secret code name for JEA’s plan to privatize the utility. Columnist Nate Monroe raised some very good questions about why a proposal that should be public would have a secret code name, and why that code name is “Project Scampi,” but the real story took place on Twitter where Jaxsons have weighed in with finger-licking shrimp-based burns. Read below for the freshest takes this side of the Mayport docks.

This tweet from Nate Monroe started it off:

Shrimp Rick in the mix:

Short and to the point:

Hopefully they’ll at least mullet over:



Our take:

Yes, all of us:

Only because they didn’t think of it first:

Salmon had to say it:

And a Merry Christmas to you, sir!

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