Hogans Creek Photo Tour

Vegetation east of Hogans Creek near the Jacksonville Historical Society

A natural section of Hogans Creek with plenty of shade and possibly the widest part of the creek

A scary sight of an alligator on the bank of Hogans Creek… appearing that it was dead upon a closer look

Trash caught in the branches of a bush floating in Hogans Creek, a common sight unfortunately

View from Hogans Creek of the off-ramps coming from the Hart Bridge / Commodore Point Expressway

Concrete columns/fence along Hogans Creek just north of the Armory Building, with vegetation taking over the old walkway

The North Market Street bridge over Hogans Creek whose white facade has faded since it was built in 1926

Concrete columns/fence lining the bulkhead of Hogans Creek along Confederate Park

An abandoned building on the corner of North Main Street and Orange Street viewed from Hogans Creek

A higher bulkhead in the south side of Hogans Creek with a chain link fence separating a walking path from the creek on the north side

A shallow part of the creek, characteristic of the northern section, adjacent to Henry J. Klutho Park

A view from Hogans Creek of a mural on the abandoned building on the corner of North Main Street and Orange Street, reading “A Blossoming of Trust”

Trees overhanding Hogans Creek with concrete fencing lining each side

Shopping carts laying in Hogans Creek under an overpass

A map of the journey, Day 1 covering the southern portion up to Arlington Expressway and Day 2 reaching up to Hogan Creek Towers

Article by Scott Gann and the Bold Cities Project. Gann is a student at the University of Florida and lifelong Jacksonville resident