1. The river takes a tour of Riverside. (Villariva Condo Association)

2. River Boulevard in Riverside is no match against Hurricane Irma’s storm surge. (Lawson Carr)

3. The remaining signs of storm surge penetration into Riverside’s Memorial Park. (Chris Byers)

4. The day after in Riverside’s Memorial Park. (Adrienne Burke)

5. A look at what was left of the Southbank Riverwalk. (Stephanie Zarkis)

6. The intersection of Independent Drive and Hogan Street appears to be a canal instead of a street. (Stephanie Zarkis)

7. The Northank Riverwalk and its floating docks disappear after a lashing from Hurricane Irma’s outer bands. (Stephanie Zarkis)

8. Klutho Park is transformed into an urban kayaker’s dream. (Stephanie Zarkis)

9. South Florida residents fill up northbound Interstate 95 in St. Johns County to escape Hurricane Irma. (Ennis Davis, AICP)

10. Hogans Creek becomes a river of its own between Downtown Jacksonville and Springfield. (Ennis Davis, AICP)

11. Mayport fishing vessels dock at the Jacksonville Shipyards to ride out the storm. (Ennis Davis, AICP)