1. FSCJ’s Downtown Campus was first established in 1969. The current downtown campus opened in 1977 and is situated on 32.9 acres bounded by State, Main, First and Jefferson streets.

2. Potential additions to the Downtown Campus over the next few years could include a 34,500-square foot expansion to the Urban Resources Center (URC) building, a new STEM Center and Student Advancement Building at the intersection of Main and State streets and a parking deck along Caroline Street. Proposed facilities are illustrated in blue in the Needs & Proposed Future Initiatives graphic above.

3. This graphic illustrates the proposed location of a 34,500 square foot expansion of the Urban Resources Center near the intersection of Jefferson and State streets.

4. A $12 million, three-story STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Center & Student Advancement Building is proposed for the intersection of Main and State streets.