First Baptist Church Downtown Campus Map. The Hobson Block (No. 1) is identified in red.

7. International & 6th Grade Buildings

The 6th Grade Building

The International and 6th Grade Buildings are located at the intersection of Hogan and Church Streets. The buildings were once utilized by the Gulf Life Insurance Company. Located at 604 North Hogan Street, 15,987 square foot International Building was constructed in 1947. Located at 211 West Ashley Street, the 22,059 square foot 6th Grade Building was completed in 1954.

Earlier this year, The Jaxson reported the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department’s (JFRD) plans to buy both buildings and an adjacent surface parking lot from the First Baptist Church. At the time, the JFRD planned to remodel the 6th Grade Building into offices and bulldoze the International Building to create a larger surface parking lot.

The International Building when it was known as the Gulf Life Insurance Building

The International Building today.

8. Green Parking Garage (Garage #3)

The Green Parking Garage is located across the street from the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s (JTA) Rosa Parks Skyway Station at 712 North Hogan Street. Considering JTA’s plans to shift transit operations to LaVilla and redevelop their property as transit oriented development, the Green Garage is conveniently located to serve that infill site’s parking needs.

9. Red Parking Garage (Garage #4)

Located at 721 North Pearl Street, the Red Parking Garage is well known for its iconic 100-foot-tall replica of the St. Augustine Lighthouse at the intersection of Union and Pearl Streets. When it was first completed, the “spiritual lighthouse” flashed into the bedrooms of Springfield’s grand historic houses every few seconds from six to 10 o’clock every night.

10. 331 West Ashley Street

Completed in 1997, 331 West Ashley Street includes a 22,035 square foot warehouse building.

The Jaxson would like to know what is your opinion of the First Baptist Church plan, and what would you like to see happen with each of these properties?

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at