About the LaVilla Link

When complete in Fall 2022, the LaVilla Link will connect Brooklyn and LaVilla with the S-Line Urban Greenway Trail in New Town. The $4 million, 1.3-mile pedestrian and bicycle trail will serve as the “Model Mile” of the proposed Emerald Trail network.

An ambitious plan to link Jacksonville’s urban core neighborhoods, the Emerald Trail is a public/private partnership between the city of Jacksonville and the nonprofit Groundwork Jacksonville that is scheduled to connect fourteen urban neighborhoods to Downtown, the St. Johns River, McCoys Creek, and Hogans Creek. It is expected to be completed over the course of a decade and will eventually encompass thirty miles.

A conceptual map of the proposed Emerald Trail system. Labeled #1, the LaVilla Link is highlighted in blue. (Groundwork Jacksonville)

LaVilla Link Construction Photographs