The refurbished PCC Streetcar.

The streetcar stops are simple in construction.

Riding through the streets of El Segundo Barrio.

A look inside the PCC Streetcar. The PCC Streetcar was designed to have a maximum speed of up to 50 mph.

A look inside the PCC Streetcar. The El Paso system utilizes six PCC Streetcars.

*A parked bus blocks the streetcar from moving. A challenge with any transit technology that shares lanes with automobiles. *

Arriving at UTEP, north of Downtown El Paso.

Ciudad Juárez and Interstate 10 in El Paso, as seen from a parking garage. Home to 1.5 million residents, Ciudad Juárez is the most populous city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. If you look close, you can see the border wall separating the countries.

On North Stanton Street in Uptown, looking south towards Downtown El Paso.

The Downtown El Paso skyline. The city of El Paso is home to nearly 700,000 residents. The city is also the second-largest majority-Hispanic city in the U.S., with 81% of its population being Hispanic.

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