Campus Martius Park 1/4 Mile Pedestrian Walk Shed


The following photographs were taken within a 1/4 mile or five minute walk of Campus Martius Park. By clustering, complementing uses together within this compact pedestrian scale setting, Downtown Detroit’s streetscape is rapidly transforming into a unified vibrant destination for retail and dining despite being home to less than 7,000 residents.

15. Fort Street Gallery is a 9,000-square-foot food hall that opened in October 2018 in the historic Federal Reserve Building.

16. Developed by Detroit-based The Roxbury Group, The Griswold is a $24 million, 80 unit apartment building completed in 2017 on top of an existing 10-story parking garage.

17. A row of restored historic high-rises on Washington Boulevard.

18. One of five principal avenues of the city, Woodward Avenue is known as “Detroit’s Main Street”.

19. One of five principal avenues of the city, Woodward Avenue is known as “Detroit’s Main Street”.

20. Symbolizing Detroit’s storied hospitality past, while representing the city’s prosperous future, the $100 million, 129-room Shinola Hotel was completed in November 2018.

“Detroit is an authentic city and when you step into the living room, it feels like an authentic experience,” said Shinola Hotel General Manager, Elliot Broom.

21. The Detroit Institute of Music Education (also known as “DIME”) was established in 2014. The for-profit college occupies 15,000 square-feet in the historic Bamlet Building.

22. Launched in May 2017 with 430 red and black bicycles at 43 stations, MoGo is Detroit’s public bike share system.



25. Founded in 1997, Meridian employs 1,200 employees in downtown and is the state’s largest Medicaid health plan. Meridian was recently sold to Tampa-based WellCare Health Plans, Inc. for $2.5 billion. The deal was the biggest HMO deal in Michigan history.

26. The Woodward Avenue Esplanade is a public park in the median of Woodward Avenue that opened in 2017. It is the result of a $400,000 investment by Quicken Loans, Inc. to convert the median of Woodward into a gathering place that includes sidewalks, public art installations, seating and other interactive amenities.