“If you are a car enthusiast or just a car owner, today is a special afternoon for which anyone can be enamored by the craftsmanship, styling and overall splendor for which Bentley brings to our city. Bentley is another company of international prominence that has selected Jacksonville for their newest dealership location; to be right here in Jacksonville and right here within District 11.” Becton announced.

Bentley Motors was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919 out of New Street Mews, London. From its very beginnings, the company relentlessly pursued both luxury and performance in its mission to be the best. Today, Bentley Motors remains the definitive British luxury car company, crafting the world’s most desirable high performance grand tourers.

“This location will provide Bentley Motors an ideal opportunity to grab the attention of thousands of travelers and to service their current and future customer needs.” Becton stated. “There are a variety of ways that you can gauge when your community is on the move and attracting new investment. One of those moments is the addition of the Bentley brand and their investment in our city which is a testament to where Jacksonville is heading.”

Bentley Motors will be located on a 7.5 acre site at the southwest corner of the I-95/Bulter Boulevard interchange.

Becton also welcomed Brickell Motors President and CEO, Mario Murgado, whose company will be the dealership for which the Bentley brand will be sold here in Jacksonville.

“Mr. Murgado is a shining example of the American dream – a rags to riches story that parents tell their children at bedtime, except it’s all true.” Becton noted. “Coming to America as a child with his family, exiled from Cuban in 1966, Mr. Murgado knew he had to grow up fast while never looking back.”

Mario grew up in the Chicago suburbs and in 1978 moved with his family to Miami. This is where he would lay the groundwork and rise thru the ranks as an auto salesman with Braman Imports and after 20 years, started his own company Brickell Motors which employs more than 105 employees today.

“Looking forward, working hard and giving back to his community and building a successful business is what he will tell you is the “American Way” Becton added.

“I am proud to welcome Mario to Jacksonville”, Becton stated – “we also have a special spirit of community service looking forward and one where our non-profit sectors work hand-in-hand to improve the quality of life for so many. When you look at both the business accomplishments of Mario and his community involvement – we are not just going to be able to say we have a grand brand such as Bentley here in Jacksonville – we have a new friend to Jacksonville and I am confident his involvement in our community will be felt well beyond the walls of his dealership.”

Source: Press release from https://www.dannybecton.org/bentleymotors-plans-dealership-in-district-11. Title photograph courtesy of Matti Blume at Wikipedia.