Anticipated to be built on top of the parking lot immediately west of TIAA Bank Field and Daily’s Place, Lot J is a proposed horizontally mixed-use dining and entertainment project will include a massive parking garage, 300-unit residential tower, 200-room boutique hotel, office building and an outdoor Live arena (Jacksonville Landing style covered event space surrounded by restaurants and entertainment venues) bounded by Daily’s Place, Gator Bowl Boulevard, Georgia and Adams Streets.

Lot J’s potential 1/4 mile pedestrian shed

“Neighborhoods should be compact, pedestrian-friendly, and mixed-use,” and “many activities of daily living should be within walking distance,” according to the Charter of the New Urbanism. A quarter century ago this idea was not common planning practice, and new urbanists needed a way to measure a compact neighborhood to organize plans and communicate to the public. The answer was the “pedestrian shed,” a distance that can be covered in five minutes at a normal walking pace—typically shown on a plan as a circle with a quarter-mile radius.

If the built environment is appealing and human scale, the theory is that most people will walk at least five minutes rather than get in a car.

Source: Congress of New Urbanism