About the Brumos Collection

The Brumos Collection is a nationally recognized car collection owned by Dan Davis, the former chairman of Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. grocery chain. Located on the northeast portion of the Davis family’s Dee-Dot Ranch, the Brumos Collection museum opened its doors in 2020. The collection’s history dates back to 1953 when Hubert Brundage established Brundage Motors and became a Volkswagon importer. Once located at 5th & Main Streets in Springfield, Brundage Motors eventually shortened to BruMos.

Today’s cars are built on the knowledge, experience and ideas of the early innovators. But some of the innovation in the cars you’ll see in the Brumos Collection was the first of its kind – those creators started with nothing but their imagination and an unyielding passion for pushing the boundaries of what was possible. There were no computer models or previous designs to build upon. In fact, the early masters often sketched designs on the floor of their workshop, creating from scratch and by hand, things that have never been done or even imagined before. The early pioneers created some of the most timeless and innovative aspects of the automobile that set the stage for anyone who followed. It’s these brave and talented souls the Brumos team wanted to recognize and pay homage to the cars themselves, memorabilia and behind-the-scenes stories you’ll hear when touring the collection. It is our hope that a walk through this magnificent assemblage of automotive history will spark creativity, curiosity and create special memories for all who experience it. When the team at Brumos decided to bring this collection to life, the decision was based on more than just showcasing the cars themselves. Although the collection does represent some of the most historically significant cars you’ll ever see, we also wanted to recognize the drivers and the inventors behind these incredible machines.

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