2. Put the food court out of its misery

As mentioned in the previous page, the Landing’s food court is a struggling relic of the 1980s retail experience. To make matters worse, the food court occupies what should be some of the most valuable space in the retail center. Instead of being a revenue generator with riverfront views, the food court is essentially underutilized common space that costs money to operate.

Like the Jeri Curl, it’s time to take it out back and put it out of its misery. Let’s travel back to Omaha for an example of what can be done with this underutilized space. After the opening of Flagship Commons, Westroads Mall management is hammering the final nail in their food court’s coffin by converting it into revenue producing retail space. Without changing the Landing’s structure or demolishing bridge ramps, the food court could and should be converted into a revenue-generating use, such as another sit-down restaurant or two.

Due to its location, the Landing’s food court offers the same riverfront dining potential of its existing restaurants along the riverwalk, surrounding the courtyard.